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Cincinnati INVOcell Procedures

Cutting-Edge Fertility Treatment

INVOcell is a medical device that is used for fertility treatment via intravaginal culture (IVC). During the INVOcell procedure, a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm are combined in the INVOcell device. INVOcell is then placed in the upper vaginal cavity, where fertilization and incubation occur. In that way, INVOcell treatment is very similar to natural conception.  

Embryologist and Andrologist

What are INVOcell Devices?

The INVOcell device is small; the outer chamber is approximately 2.5 cm wide and 4.5 cm tall; and the retention device is similar in size to a diaphragm, about 70 mm in diameter. Most women feel little to no discomfort, either during the INVOcell treatment or after the device has been placed in the body.  

What Happens During an INVOcell Procedure?

While INVOcell is in your body, you can continue to live your life normally with just a few restrictions. However, Dr. Chin recommends that you avoid any physically strenuous activity or anything that causes a change in body temperature, like a hot bath or sauna. Additionally, do not swim, douche, have intercourse, or insert objects or liquids into the vagina while INVOcell is in your body.  

In most cases, Dr. Chin will transfer just one embryo to the uterus for further development, however, we can work with you to decide if more than one embryo should be transferred. 

What does INVOcell Look Like?

The INVOcell device has three distinct features that we will quickly highlight.  

  • Inner chamber. The inner chamber holds the sperm and eggs in the upper vagina while they are fertilized.  
  • Outer chamber. The outer chamber protects the inner chamber from moving or from external pressures. 
  • Retention device. The retention device holds the outer chamber in place and prevents it from falling out or moving.  


How Does the INVOcell Process Work?

  1. Our team will collect your partner or sperm donor’s sample and retrieve your egg sample. Both sperm and egg are then placed in the INVOcell device for fertilization. 

  2. Next, the INVOcell device is placed in the upper vaginal cavity to allow incubation to take place inside the body.  

  3. When the incubation period is complete, the device is removed.  

  4. In the final stage of the INVOcell procedure, an embryo is selected and transferred into the uterus. Any additional embryos can be frozen, depending on your wishes. 

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Ready for INVOcell Treatment?

If you are looking for treatment with an INVOcell device near you in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area or beyond, Fertility Wellness Institute of Ohio is here for you. 

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