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Semen Analysis with Critical Morphology for Fertility Assessment

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Early Detection of Fertility Complications

Critical Morphology is a crucial aspect of semen analysis that delves into the detailed examination of sperm shape and structure. This specialized assessment helps identify potential issues that may impact fertility and conception. 

Sperm with abnormal morphology may have defects such as misshapen heads, double heads, coiled tails, or abnormalities in size. These abnormalities can all contribute to fertility complications. Normal sperm morphology is crucial for successful fertilization because sperm with abnormal shapes may have difficulty penetrating and fertilizing the egg. 

Once our team understands your medical history and fertility concerns, we may request a sample of the male partner’s semen for analysis.  

Critical Morphology Process

Here is the process you can expect: 

  1. Male patient or donor delivers a semen sample at the Fertility Wellness Institute

  2. Our laboratory technicians perform a process called critical morphology where they will examine the size and shape of the sperm cells to determine their viability for reproduction.

  3. We will determine the sperm quality and its likelihood of fertilizing an egg naturally.

  4. At this point, we will determine which path of fertility treatment is right for you. We may recommend IUI, IVF, or another option depending on the results of the sperm analysis.

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