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Cincinnati Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Services

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Artificial Insemination Technique

Many people face fertility issues or problems conceiving on their own. These issues are very common, and the US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 9% of men and 11% of women in their reproductive years have fertility problems. Jumping to IVF is not always best, in many cases, artificial insemination is a better path for your fertility journey.

Artificial insemination (often referred to as IUI) fertility treatment is a technique commonly used to treat some types of fertility issues for both men and women. During this procedure, a sperm sample is collected from a man, whether they are a partner or donor, and washed in our laboratory. It is then placed in a woman’s cervix, Fallopian tubes, or uterus, with the goal of pregnancy.

What is IUI and What Does it Mean?

IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination, and it is the most common form of artificial insemination. Oftentimes, small issues like blockages or obstructions can lead to difficulties in conceiving. IUI is a low-tech way to bypass these common issues and help you conceive. IUI makes the trip shorter for the sperm cells and increases the likelihood of pregnancy.  

As a Fertility Clinic offering intrauterine insemination, we often receive questions from intending parents about IUI treatment, including: How much does IUI treatment cost? Who is IUI treatment right for? Can I do IUI with a sperm donor? What does the IUI process look like?  

The exact cost of treatment varies depending on the specifics of your anatomy and needs. As a Cincinnati-based clinic, we understand that financial considerations can be a concern. That is why we are always willing to have discussions with all intending parents to discover a path that works for them and their budget.  

Who is IUI Right For?

IUI is often best for women who have trouble ovulating, men with mild male fertility factors, and same-sex women couples. The ideal candidate needs to have functioning ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a uterus. Dr. Chin is here to listen to your experiences, and he will help determine if IUI is right for you. 

You can pursue IUI fertility treatment with a sperm donor, with your partner, or with any person with a sufficient sperm count. 

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What Does Typical IUI Treatment Look Like?

  1. Determine Your Menstrual Cycle. Dr. Chin will monitor your menstrual cycle and ovulation by measuring your hormone levels or through ultrasounds to determine when you are ovulating.

  2. Sperm Sample Collection. Our staff will ask for a sperm sample from the male partner or donor and then will wash the sperm, a process where the healthy sperm cells are separated from fluids and debris.

  3. Artificial Insemination. Once Dr. Chin has identified your fertility window, the healthy sperm will be inserted into the uterus via a thin catheter.

  4. Rest and Progesterone Test. We advise that you rest for a week. After that, Dr. Chin may perform a blood draw to check your progesterone levels to ensure that you have sufficient levels to support pregnancy.

  5. Pregnancy Test. The final step is to administer a pregnancy test, about two weeks after insemination. We will perform a Beta HCG test via blood draw to determine if pregnancy has been achieved. If positive, we will perform ultrasounds at 6, 8, and 10 weeks gestation to ensure your baby is growing and your ovaries are healthy after stimulation. If you are not pregnant, then we can start the process again. It usually takes a few attempts to achieve pregnancy.  

Remember that you are not alone! Dr. Chin and the Fertility Wellness Institute team are here to guide you on the path to parenthood.

If you are searching for IUI treatment near you in the Cincinnati area, The Fertility Wellness Institute of Ohio is here for you! 

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