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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Workup (RPL) Services

Making Sense of Fertility Challenges

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) presents significant challenges. Serious questions often emerge during this period of uncertainty, such as inquiries into fertility issues, the reasons behind repeated miscarriages, and the underlying causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. 

Fortunately, in numerous instances of RPL, viable solutions exist that our team of fertility specialists can explore, potentially leading to successful pregnancies. The RPL evaluation process is structured to pinpoint specific factors contributing to the condition. Our clinical team will develop individualized strategies for each patient, delving into the root causes of their RPL and proposing interventions tailored to address these issues 

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RPL Workup Process

This process typically starts with a thorough review of your medical history, followed by a comprehensive evaluation of reproductive issues. This evaluation aims to identify potential issues, such as medication interactions affecting pregnancy and any obstructions or scar tissue within the reproductive organs. 


Once our team understands some of the obstacles a patient may be facing, we create a plan for them that will improve their chances of a successful pregnancy. This might include IUI, IVF, or other forms of artificial insemination.  

Formulating a customized plan to target the specific causes of RPL is crucial for patients seeking successful fertility treatment. 

We may recommend supporting treatment with progesterone supplements and over-the-counter medications like methylfolate, heparin, or low-dose aspirin.

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