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Fertility Treatment Using Donor Gametes

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What is Gametes?

Gametes are specialized cells that are involved in sexual reproduction, the sperm cells from men and the egg cells from women. They are produced by the reproductive organs and have half the number of chromosomes as normal body cells. The union of two gametes, one from each parent, during fertilization results in the formation of a zygote, which has the full complement of chromosomes typical for the species.

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Why is there a need?

The Fertility Wellness Institute of Ohio uses donor gametes to help those couples with fertility factors that prevent patients from reproducing due to viability issues with their sperm or eggs. This can include the female or male partner being affected with or a carrier of chromosomal or genetic conditions, male factor infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, or a number of other reasons.  

Getting Started 

Getting started with utilizing donor gametes can be an emotional decision, but Dr. Chin and our Third Party Coordinator will guide you through each step from your initial consultation through your treatment cycle and hopeful pregnancy.  

We partner with a number of sperm, egg, and embryo banks across the nation to provide you with ample options to find your perfect match for completing your family. After your initial consultation with Dr. Chin you will be connected with the office’s Third Party Coordinator who will meet with you to discuss your desired timeframe, treatment plan, and any questions or concerns you may have. We also partner with a local therapist who you will meet for additional support throughout the process.  

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