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Sammantha's Fertility Journey

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Sammantha's Fertility Journey

Jun 3, 2024
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Have you sought fertility treatment before? Why did you choose Dr. NeeOo W. Chin as your fertility expert?


I previously sought fertility treatment before finding Dr. Chin. I chose Dr. Chin as my fertility doctor because from our very first consultation, he made me feel truly heard and valued. He approached my reproductive challenges with genuine sincerity and a deep understanding, which reassured me that I was in capable hands. His empathetic demeanor and professional expertise made it clear that he was committed to assisting me on my journey. 


What were your expectations going into it?


As I prepared to start IVF, my emotions were a complex mix. I felt unsure about the unknowns that lay ahead, scared of the potential challenges and outcomes, and yet there was a thread of cautious optimism within me. I hoped for success, but I also braced myself for any possibility, understanding that the journey could be as unpredictable as it was hopeful. However, Dr. Chin's support and expertise made a significant difference throughout the IVF process. His reassuring presence and clear explanations helped boost my confidence and maintained my hopefulness about starting a family. 


Can you summarize what treatments you received and your experience with Dr. Chin and the team?


Throughout my journey, which included surgery to remove endometriosis, multiple IUIs, and IVF, Dr. Chin's team proved to be just as exceptional as he was. The nurses were particularly amazing; their care, attention, and encouragement played a crucial role in my experience. I am deeply grateful for their support and feel fortunate to have had such a dedicated team by my side every step of the way. 


Were you able to conceive? 




Did you opt for additional treatments like acupuncture or hormonal treatment? If so, tell us about them.


I received acupuncture before my transfer, and after. 


Any final thoughts? 


IVF is not only emotionally draining but also physically taxing. Your body can take a significant toll from the treatments, medications, and procedures involved. It's a demanding process that requires much from you physically, which can be just as challenging as the emotional aspects. Having a physician like Dr. Chin and his incredible team truly makes a world of difference. Thank you will never be enough. 

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