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Nancy's Fertility Journey

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Nancy's Fertility Journey

Jun 3, 2024
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Have you sought fertility treatment before? Why did you choose Dr. NeeOo W. Chin as your fertility expert?

I was referred to Dr. Chin from my OBGYN because he offered acupuncture as well as fertility treatments. 

What were your expectations going into it?

I was naive and scared. I feared the worst which was not being able to conceive or carry a child of my own. 

Can you summarize what treatments you received and your experience with Dr. Chin and the team?

We began treatment with the incredible Dr. Chin and team in 2017. We started with further bloodwork, supplements, acupuncture, and an IUI procedure. Dr. Chin discovered my low ovarian reserve right away, something that the OBGYN did not test. Due to my symptoms, it was recommended that we move forward with a laparoscopy to treat suspected endometriosis after one unsuccessful IUI. I was petrified to undergo anesthesia due to unpleasant surgical history but Dr. Chin and his team helped me through it. We continued our IUI and acupuncture journey with 4 more failed attempts. Each month we were so hopeful, along with Dr. Chin’s team. It was time to consider IVF after IUI was not successful. Finances were a barrier for us so we switched to IRH after receiving a grant. We completed an egg retrieval and embryo transfer through IRH. After the transfer failed, it was time to take a break. Instead of rushing into another transfer, we sought more testing and answers. This helped us determine better medications and timelines. We decided to go back to Dr. Chin for our next transfer as our grant funds were gone through IRH. We wanted to go back to the family feeling of Dr. Chin’s team. Acupuncture treatment and finances were also a huge factor in our decision. We are forever grateful for the embryos we received through IRH, as they gave us *that* embryo. Our next transfer with Dr. Chin’s team gave us our daughter in 2021. Dr. Chin’s wit, wisdom, personality and kindness are unparalleled. I can’t imagine our journey without him and his team. 

Were you able to conceive? 


Did you opt for additional treatments like acupuncture or hormonal treatment? If so, tell us about them.

Acupuncture was a game changer. Not only do I believe it helped my body to accept an embryo, but it helped me through many other symptoms over the years. Dr. Chin treated me through acupuncture for anxiety, depression, back pain, hip pain, body tension, headaches, and even PTSD. Once I became comfortable with the process, I couldn’t get enough. His team allowed a family member to sit with me through treatments if I chose. This allowed me to feel more relaxed. Also, no amount of acupuncture needling will compare to the needles you will face with most fertility treatments. There’s nothing to be afraid of! It’s worth every dime. 

Any final thoughts? 

You have an army and village behind you that have been in your shoes. As a quote in my daughter’s room says, “it was always YOU.” It was *that* cycle, *that* egg, *that* sperm, *that* embryo, *that* transfer. It was always *HER.* If I could have only seen *her* face from the other side of our story. She was meant to be our daughter. All of the other eggs and embryos we saw on the screen or in photos were not *her*. It’s painful loss every failed month but you’re *YOU* will come. I’d do it all again a thousand times to see her face. The money and willpower will come, just keep going! 

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