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Our "Chin Baby" Marley is now 4 years old. She was going to the Taylor Swift concert for her birthday in the attached photo. She is her biggest little fan. Marley is now in preschool which she loves. She is just growing up way too fast!!!
Our little Chin baby!!!
Our little Chin baby!!!
Our son Liam, one month old
Grace and Owen will already be 3 on February 1st!
Our "chin babies", Grace and Owen. We are forever grateful to Dr. Chin and staff!!!
Here is our family with MANY, MANY THANKS to Dr. Chin and his wonderful staff. We absolutely miss everyone! We can never thank you enough for making our family complete. ♥
Sophia and Sydne! They are now 8 and 5 years old.
Here are our "Chin Big Babies!" Sydne and Sophia in the summer of 2009.
Muriel Agnes, ~ 1 year old.
Happy Holidays from Mike, Len, Mikey, Marissa, and Brutus C.
Our "Chin Baby" is almost 10 years old!!! Thanks Dr. Chin!!
Jullia, our 5 year old adopted princess, and Daniel, our 4 year old Chin-baby
Logan!! Almost 3 months old!! THANKS DR CHIN!!
The BEST doc EVER and our Chin Baby! I can't believe this was nearly 2 years ago!
Ava - Christmas 2009
Nick & Ava - Christmas 2009
Lily W.
A couple of little witches.
Merry Christmas everybody!
Liam (4) and Alec (13 months) - both Chin babies!!
Jackson George M. born 10/30/08
Benjamin Henry M. born 10/30/08
Logan with santa!!
Oh No! You Caught me!
Mason Rose and Mickey
Mason Rose H.
Family Photo, christmas 09
The H. Family
Marley Grace C.
Christmas 2009
Our twin Chin babies - 18 mo's. Thank you Dr. Chin, you're a Godsend!
Had a wonderful first christmas with our triplets! This is our Colby reindeer =)
Had a wonderful first christmas with our triplets! This is our "naughty" Avery (not really though!) =) And don't let her fool you....she's a total mama's girl!!
Had a wonderful first christmas with our triplets! This is our first baby to crawl...Zachary!
Our visit with Dr. Chin, Sandy and Grace. Cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Chin and his staff! Thank you x3 for all you did to help us make a family! We have been blessed and are eternally grateful!
Chloe at the Nutcracker Ballet.
Emily, Benjamin & Chad (2008)
Jonathan Wesley L.'s first Christmas (2009)
I LOVE this one!
Four years ago today, our Chin-Baby miracle was born. Thanks Dr. Chin
Happy 4th Birthday our sweet Chin-Baby!
The best family shot of the dozen :)
Proud daddy!
I said to kiss Whizzle.... Ashlyn chose her foot..
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I said to kiss Whizzle.... Ashlyn chose her foot....
The W. Family
Steven,Gwen,Delilah,and Harmony
Nicholas Theodore K.
Born to Rick and Amy K. on 12/17/09
8 lbs. 7 oz.
21.25 inches long
Miss Skylar Chance W. born 7/30/09. 
Proud parents, Kevin & Jenny W.
We love our beautiful Chin Baby!
Skylar W. being goofy like mommy :)
Thank you Dr. Chin for the beautiful New Year's gift. Our daughter born 1-1-2010!
Kayla's twin, teeth and all.
Jacob - born 11/2/09 
THANKS- Dr. Chin and girls!!
Jacob's 1st Christmas
Jacob and Dad (Tim) - January 2010
Thank you, thank you , thank you ....enough said!!
Here is a picture of my beautiful baby boy that you blessed us with and his big sister. You and your staff are amazing. If only every doctor's office was like you!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Thanks to Dr. Chin we have this fabulous little guy - Nathan M. (7/23/2002). You're the best!
"I'm mommys dream come true!"
this is my favorite pic of all times, this doesnt do justice to the real picture
My "Chin" babies-look how big they are!
They are 4 and 2 already-can you believe it?
What a wonderful gift :)
Our Chin miracle baby is 6 years old and a joy to behold.
Jillian Paige
Born 11/21/09
Jillian Paige
Front view...
our chin baby logan! Thank you again Dr. Chin and staff for everything you did for us!!!!!!
Lydia and Her Big Brother in Heaven, William Harlan
Thank you, Dr. Chin, for our "lil guy" -- almost 11 years ago! We think of you often..
could they be any cuter?
Ava and Alexandra W.
o sweet!
Our Chin Babies Ava and Alexandra W.
first family portrait
Ava and Alexandra W.
Thanks Dr. Chin!!!!!!!!!!She's pefect!
My favorite picture of Jake. He brings so much joy to my life especially when I can capture his goofy faces. Thanks to you and your staff, I finally got to experience motherhood.
Jakes first Easter. He was 4 days old.
Ashlyn Marie
Amanda Jo
Amanda trying to snuggle with Ashlyn.
Eli is 8 months old now and just started crawling!! Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us bring this beautiful baby into our family!! He is perfect and smiling all of the time!! Look forward to the reunion!
Audrey 3 and Alyssa 21 months Werling
my precious girls. big sis helping little sis smell the daisies
Thank you so much Dr. Chin! You really are a blessing to so many people--Dave, Jen, Reilly, and Evelyn M.
Lydia Frances
Ava and Alexa
Soooooo sorry we missed the reunion.....Lily has really bad allergies and can't be out in the heat....Would have loved to see everyone...We are thankful for you and your entire staff everyday when we look at our precious angel Lily....Thanks again...
Lily Grace B....Born April 25th, 2010...Our little miracle...8 weeks old here....
Trying to stay cool at the baby reunion.
Jillian is more interested in figuring out who Dr. Chin is than looking at the camera.
My Chin Baby
So sorry we missed the reunion! I just wanted to post a picture of Bella. She's a happy, beautiful, almost 6 1/2 month old little girl. Thank you so much Dr. Chin. She is just the love of our lives :)
Carter and Michael were born on April 30th 2010 with the help of Dr. Chin and acupuncture. I know that without him, I wouldn't have my beautiful little baby boys today.
Meeting Dr. Chin
Anna was a butterfly!
Grace& Kennedy
Aarav G. 
DOB: Sept. 16, 2011
Megan, Matthew, & Brooklyn M.
Sophia N.
8 years old, 3rd Grade
Lily Beth R.
October 3, 2012
Tami & Greg R.
Camden K.
October, 2012
9 months old
To the most wonderful Dr. Chin and Staff. 
Grace, Katie, Jade
May you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year. It was great seeing you at the zoo!
Art, Tina, Jake, Carly, Michael, Bryan and Jason
Stitak Kids
Elizabeth, 6
Annabel, 3
Tommy, 1
Age 2.5
Arzan - 3yrs.
November, 2012
Travis Paul W.
5lbs 7oz
18.25 in.
Brody Paul G.
Born 3/26/13
7lbs 5oz 20.25in
Nikolas R. 
Sydne N.
11 years old - 6th grade
Chad - 19 @ UD in pre-med
Jacob - 15 @ St. X, Freshman
A blessing to us daily ! 
Carol & Chuck
Grant J.
Age 10
5th Grade
Christmas 2012
Scott, Michele, and Sydni R.
Dr. Chin & Staff,
Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for helping me bring my little miracle into this work! Words can't describe how grateful we truly are. May God bless & Keep you all.
Dr. Chin,
Hope this finds you well. Just thought we'd update you on the family. Please pass along our greetings and a picture to Grace. Thanks! Take care & Have a great 2013
Mike & Cindy K.
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you with gratitude!!! 
Kerry & Ryan Y.
Bill, Mandy, Will, Kyle, Ethan, Jaxon, & Jenna S.
Ella 4yrs
Olivia 1yr
Dr. Chin & Staff
In continuing gratitude for giving us our two special blessings.
Thank you Thank you!
Carrie & Erik B.
(Jack & Abbie - age 2)
Dr. Chin & Staff
Wishing you peace & joy this Christmas season. Thank you for all your help in making these two children possible. They are such a joy!
Andrew & Amanda K.
James Alan K.
Born October 14, 2012
3:23 am
7lbs 12.5oz
21 inches
Blake, Leah, Grant, Henry, and Warner
Nick, Jill, and Elinor T.
Teresa, Paul, Sophie, Ellie, Garrett, Faith, Joseph, Margo, Clara Rose, & Grace J.
Taylor has had a great first month. Within 5 days, she exceeded her birth weight and has adjusted well to being in her new home. Emilynn has welcomed her new sister with open arms and looks forward to seeing her every morning when she wakes up...
The Handkins household is full of graduate! 2013
May 2013
Mason M.
born on 3-7-12
Natalie Elizabeth R.
born August 30, 2011
Harper Evelyn C. - one day old
Thank you so much for helping us to create this little miracle! We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.
We would have never gotten to experience this amazing baby without your help!
<3 Jason & Tessa Z.
12 months old
Dr. Chin & Staff:
Thank you so much for helping our dream of being parents come true!! Thanks to you, we are blessed with the love of our life, Knox Lee T. :) !! (Born 6/30/13 7lbs 8oz 20inches)
No words can express how thankful we are. Love you all
Wayne, Heather, baby Knox T.
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