Matt & Helen
We thought you might enjoy this photo from the Chin baby outing at the zoo! We enjoyed the event, and it was fun to get to show off our girls to all of you - without the group they would not be here, and for that we are extremely grateful! Thanks again for all of your help!

Michelle & Jason
Thank you so much for the beautiful baby gift. I don't know how to put into words the gratitude & love we have for you & your staff. Even though we weren't a patient of yours for this pregnancy you made us feel a part of your "family." You are one of the most kind and compassionate doctors I have ever met. Your staff are wonderful. We are truly blessed to have met you & have our beautiful angel this Christmas. She truly is a miracle and gift from God.

Aaron & Laura
Words cannot express the gratitude and respect we have for each of you! Thank you so much for helping us bring two little miracles into the world!

I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help me bocome "balanced" enough to have my beautiful baby girl, Elsa! I truly believe you were able to help my body be able to respond to Dr. Scheiber's work. Without your help I do not think my Elsa would be here today. You'll be happy to know that I was calm and actually enjoyed every moment of her delivery. Elsa was born on my 3rd major contraction/set of pushing and it was the best experience of my life! She is a calm and peaceful baby who is happy and absolutely amazing! I'll have to schedule an appointment soon and bring her with me to meet you!

Maggie & Josh
Josh & I would like to thank you for helping us in our journey to pregnancy. Everyone treated us like family. We always enjoyed coming in to see you! I only wish all my doctors took the time to know us & treat us like we are important, and not just another patient.
Thanks to you we have two beautiful babies! Lily & Jackson were born 6 weeks early, but were healthy enough to stay with us and not in the NICU. I look forward to introducing them to you one day! Thanks so much for everything!

Samantha G.
Sometimes the miracles we receive are not the ones we wished for, but they are miracles all the same. 
Dr. Chin delivered the miracle of life to me. That life being my own.
Two weeks after my 32nd birthday (and a day after surgery with Dr. Chin), I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I went through 6 months of treatment to try to save my fertility, but they were unfortunately unsuccessful. On December 8th, 2008, I had a radical hysterectomy.
I may not have gotten what I wanted, but I get to wake up every morning and breathe.
Good luck to you all & God Bless you Dr. Chin!!!

Tracey B.
My conception journey began about three years ago. I have an 8 year old son through a previous marriage, however, my husband and I wanted very badly to have additional children together. After about six months of trying, we conceived and I miscarried almost immediately. Considering our ages (both over age 35) we decided to see a specialist.
We saw this specialist for about 12 months. During these 12 months, I conceived twice. Once through artificial insemination, which ended in miscarriage at about 6-8 weeks. A second conception occurred naturally the very next month, which also ended in miscarriage at about 6-8 weeks. My husband and I tried artificial insemination another 4 times, which was unsuccessful. I felt that each visit with the doctor was rushed and we had no answers for our lack of success, as all the tests came back fine. 
In Fall 2008, I switched to a different specialist, with a more natural focus. We learned my progesterone levels were very low and this was being corrected through medication. We conceived naturally and thought we were doing all the right things, but I miscarried again at about 6-8 weeks. Through these last 3 miscarriages, we never got to the point in which we were able to see a heartbeat.
After 12 months with this specialist, I had two friends refer me to Dr. Chin. I initially saw Dr. Chin for his acupuncture. During our initial meeting, he asked several questions about my situation and I immediately felt a rapport with him. The first acupuncture session was very relaxing and I scheduled an initial visit with his fertility practice. Having all my previous medical history, during my first visit, Dr. Chin had some immediate suggestions that had not been suggested by the other practices. He had me test for MTHFR, which came back positive. What this meant is that my body had a genetic defect, which caused me not to absorb folic acid. He immediately had me start the MTHFR vitamin, which provides a much higher dose of folic acid. Dr. Chin also performed a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, and removed some endometriosis, adhesions, and cysts, which could have also had an impact on my inability to conceive. Lastly, Dr. Chin also started me on a blood thinner, as he thought I could potentially have a clotting issue, which could impact the ability for fetal development.
Dr. Chin indicated that we could begin trying to conceive in December. My husband and I conceived our very first month under Dr. Chin's care and I'm happy to say that we are now nearly 12 weeks along with a very healthy and thriving fetus. We've seen the baby's heartbeat 4 times and we couldn't have done it without Dr. Chin.
Dr. Chin's acupuncture is also highly recommended. With all the past history of miscarriages, I have been under such tremendous stress and anxiety, which isn't good for the baby. I've had acupuncture several times to help with the stress and the sessions have been amazing. I highly recommend for any struggling mother to take advantage of this service.
I can’t say enough about Dr. Chin and his staff. My experience has been so positive and the results so quick that I kick myself for not finding him sooner. With Dr. Chin and his staff, you feel like there is a vested interest in you and your results. You are not just a number, but rather an important patient. I always felt that Dr. Chin took a personal approach with my care. This is a rare quality to see in a doctor. Believe me… journey has been long and frustrating. Don't wait and go through what I went through. If you are even considering Dr. Chin,schedule with him and you can’t go wrong.

Seong-Yi and John 
Meeting Dr. Chin was not a coincidence. It was a long-awaited answer to prayers. Finding a good doctor is not an easy task. A patient like me often does not know if he or she is a good doctor until it is too late. Until I found Dr. Chin this May, I had drifted for two years in search of the right doctor while helplessly watching my biological clock ticking away. I even had a doctor who recommended a Laparoscopy under general anesthesia in the first visit . At that time, I had not had any major tests done. All I had was FSH and Progesterone levels that my primary care provider ordered. This doctor said "Your hormones levels are fine (I learned later that those tests were were not even done on the proper day of the cycle to give an accurate information), but I suspect that you have endometriosis". This was based on no evidence. I asked him how he came to that conclusion. He could not give me a convincing review, but he said to me "Go talk with your hubby, and call us to arrange the test". Thank God I am an assertive woman; I don't take a crap from anybody. I told him that I make decisions about my body, and my husband supports my decisions. He said then "I meant about money because it's not covered by insurance". I replied to him, "That too". I cried that night feeling frustrated and sorrowful. Anyway, I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through unnecessary pain and frustration because of incompetent and unethical doctors who promote themselves for the sake of making money. After three doctors, I met Dr. Chin. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Chin reviewed all the test results before our first meeting, and already had concrete recommendations based on his review. When I asked questions, Dr. Chin readily pulled an article from a journal of that month and read off study results that gave me the most up-to-date answer based on evidence. I knew then I finally met the right doctor. My husband and I were not only impressed with this knowledge and skills but also his office practice. We never had to wait more than five minutes for my scheduled appointments. When I had my test done, I was informed of the results by the afternoon. His staff did not make any errors in billing and I always made us feel like members of the family. Dr. Chin has always been pleasant and has always treated us with respect, for example answering questions with "Yes M'am". It is no wonder that, despite my age (40), I became pregnant on the first round of his treatment. Now my husband John and I cannot wait to see our first baby in February. Dr. Chin also found a good doctor for us for my obstetric needs related to delivery. In our last meeting, I asked Dr. Chin "You believe that meeting you was not a coincidence, right?" He said, "Yes, I believe that it was not a coincidence." I firmly believe that God works through good people like Dr. Chin. I know that if you have found him you are very blessed. Dr. Chin is one whom you can give your heart, and your hope will be fulfilled. If you need more detail about my experience with him or his office practice, feel free to contact me at or (513) 558-5219. 
  My husband and I wish you all the best 

Sharon and David 
Dr. Chin, I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am doing and to say thank you. The pregnancy is going great so far!  I'm about 20 weeks along now and can hardly believe it! I just recently started feeling fetal movement, which reassures me that there is actually a baby in there, I'm not just gaining weight! My 20 week anatomy scan is this week, but in the meantime I sent you a few images from earlier scans. As you can see, he or she has grown quite a bit since I last saw you! 
I also wanted to say thank you, of course! First of all, for helping us get pregnant! I imagine people thank you for that all the time, though. Most importantly, I want to thank you for being not just a competent doctor, but a great doctor in so many other ways.
Thank you for being able to break bad news - I know from experience that giving bad news is no fun and that there are many doctors who don't posses this particular skill! I am so glad you aren't one of them. At my first consult with you, I was sure that when you heard we'd only been trying to conceive for 2 months, you would laugh and tell me to come back in a year. I was floored when, instead, you told me you didn't think I'd be able to to get pregnant without help! I didn't like hearing that news, but you were very supportive and made me feel like there was still hope. And, I was so glad to know then instead of a year later!
Thank you for telling me I was "anal" and to stop taking my basal body temperature! Being anal comes in handy for my job or for keeping my checkbook. When it comes to having a baby, being anal was making me crazy! 
Thank you for listening to what we wanted. I know you could have just told us we needed IVF with ICSI, that our chances of success with IUI were dismal. Instead, you respected what we wanted and, amazingly, it worked out!
You have been honest, compassionate and supportive throughout all of this and we feel so lucky to have had you as our doctor. We will be in touch with more pictures and before long we'll be back hoping for as much success in achieving pregnancy #2! 
Dear Dr. Chin,
We feel so lucky and blessed to have Cameron with us now - happy, healthy, and pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!  Thank your for the vital role you played in bringing him to us!
We'll be seeing you soon!

Laura & Michael
I started seeing Dr. Chin around April of 1999, after trying to conceive for 2 years. I cried in the waiting room worrying about what could be wrong with me. My husband and I met Dr. Chin and he made us feel so hopeful - we became very excited about our infertility treatment. We went through lots of ups and downs. Sometimes I found it very hard to think positive. Each time I came here for a visit, Dr. Chin and his staff could lift my spirits. I started with Clomid and ended with Pergonal injections followed by several IUI's. Finally, in March of 2001 I came in for a blood test because I was one day late for my period. I felt foolish for even getting the test because I already had horrible menstrual cramps. The test was finally positive. We couldn't believe it! We are here today to visit Dr. Chin and his staff with our beautiful daughter, Abigail Rose. She is 5 1/2 months old. We brought our cameras and took some pictures of Dr. Chin holding her. I've thought of this day so many times in my mind 
We wish all couples who read this good luck in your efforts to have a baby. Please be patient and remain positive. Trust Dr. Chin - he is the best! 
Best wishes

Nancy & Scott
Dear Dr. Chin and Staff,This letter is long overdue but it is difficult for me to put into words our gratitude for the most precious gift anyone could ever be given. I had heard wonderful comments about you and your staff from some of your former patients and had high expectations. You and your staff greatly exceeded my expectations. You and your staff treated me totally different than the two previous doctors I had been to. I am a registered nurse and have worked with many doctors. Some are wonderful and some are not. In my personal and professional experiences, I have never met a doctor with as much compassion as you have. It is obvious that you truly care for the patient. This is not just a challenge or income for you. From the moment I walked in the door the first time, I knew I had come to the right doctor. Your office is warm and cozy with the painted mural and soft music. The exam rooms were always so warm. I think what impressed me the most was you always addressed my little girl by name. Even when my husband was not present you would ask about him and also mention his name. When I called to tell you we had a little girl, you called them by name again. Obviously you would not have remembered their names since it had been months since I had seen you, but you took the time to look them up before you talked to me. After I started bleeding I was extremely anxious. You agreed to see me every time I had a speck of blood or a worry, even though you knew the baby was fine. I remember one Saturday when I called and you told me to come in so I would not worry the whole weekend. This was a totally different treatment from the previous doctor I had been with. He was dismissive about my legitimate concerns, like when he would not see me when I had bleeding in the middle of my cycle and I ended up having that tubal pregnancy.
I think the icing on the cake was the baby spoon you gave to me when my pregnancy was official. I was impressed just to have received a gift from you but what was written inside is what touched me. It said that children are gifts from God. You gave the credit to God, but we wouldn't have our little miracle without your help too.
My only regret is that I did not start with you five years ago. Thank you for your expertise, compassion, and our precious little Sydney.

Marianne & Bryan 
We met Dr. Chin after suffering five miscarriages and a long list of physicians who did not seem to care about the heartbreak and grief we were experiencing.  With Dr. Chin and his staff we receive caring, compassionate, thorough treatment.  With their help, we gave birth last year to a beautiful baby girl. 
We just cannot say enough about the superior care we receive from Dr. Chin.  Though we now live in Charlotte, North Carolina, we travel to Cincinnati to receive treatment from him.

Bekah D.
I have 1 Chin-baby! She will be 1 on Sunday. We adopted twice and tried before each adoption but I finally got it together and lost the weight, took several sessions of yoga for fertility, had a lap by our most gifted Dr and friend and our first cycle after surgery worked! Sandy did my IUI as Dr. Chin was out of town and my daughter was due on Sandy and Grace's birthday! I have experienced every form of motherhood but delivering Violet was the single most powerful experience of my life. To push life into the world- I'll never get over the miracle of it. Thank you to NeeOo and staff for answering God's call on your lives! XOXOXOXO!

Ashley P. 
"I have chin-babies:) We started seeing Dr. Chin after the loss of our first son. We were then blessed with TWINS just after our first round of treatment. Our twins are now about to turn two. I thank Dr. Chin so very much for doing all he does not only for helping me but all other women who struggle to achieve the dream of becoming a mother"
I myself have 2 living miracles in my life. After 4 years of trying to conceive I conceived my first son Jaidyn David. That itself of getting pregnant was a miracle. That miracle child was taken away to son was born at 21 weeks gestation due to what is called incompetent cervix. After losing my son I was told by my obgyn that the odds were against me in being able to carry a child. I was so not going to give up on my dreams of being a mother that is when I went to see Dr. chin. 8 months to the day of losing my son i found out I was pregnant. I went to the Er with some problems and found I was having problems with my gall bladder and that I had to have surgery. I decided to go ahead with the surgery knowing the risks that it could have to my pregnancy I was only about 5 weeks along but thought it would be better to do the surgery now then later in the pregnancy. Well the pregnancy lasted. After I was released from the hospital I made my appt. with Dr. Chin for an u/s to make sure the pregnancy was viable and that there was a heartbeat. Well at that u/s I was in for the biggest shock of my life....I was having TWINS. I kept thinking to myself how hard it would be to carry one child with my medical issue how would I manage to carry two. I spent months and months on bedrest and fighting pre-term labor from week 16. I was admitted to the hospital at 20 weeks where I had to stay for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was able to hang on and my miracle babies survived everything I had gone through. They were born at 34 weeks. They are now 2 years old an perfect and healthy. After being told that I would miscarry due to the surgery and being told how it would be unlikely for me to carry a child I carried TWO:) They are proof that miracles do come true

Amy B.
I have TWO Chin-Babies! We began seeing Dr. Chin in March of 2007 after trying for a year and experiencing secondary infertility (we had a daughter in August 2005). I was diagnosed with PCOS, my husband had morphology issues and we never thought we would have another child. After seven total IUI's, one laparoscopy and one blighted ovum; we conceived two wonderful little boys. They are 13 months old now, full of life and the completion to our family. Thank you, Dr. Chin!!!!

Elizabeth H.
We have ONE Chin-Baby, Lily! We met with Dr. Chin after our first loss (at 12 weeks) and were happily pregnant on our 3rd IUI round. We are eternally grateful for the help Dr. Chin and his staff gave us. THANKS!

Tammy C.
I am so thrilled to have a Chin Baby! Dr. Chin and his staff are the greatest!!! I doubted I would ever be able to get pregnant due to all my severe infertility issues, but thanks to Dr. Chin my miracle happened resulting in my beautiful daughter Marley Grace who is now 4 years old. I send all my friends to Dr. Chin because I know he and his staff can make their dreams come true too. We hope each of you have a blessed holiday season and your Christmas card will be on its way soon so you can see how much Marley has grown! Hugs!!! 

Sarah S. 
We have 1 Chin Baby, Muriel. She is ~14 months old. She was conceived on a "break" after 3 failed IUIs in the month before I was to begin injections. There is no doubt to me, though, that the treatments from Dr. Chin enabled me to become pregnant. I am so grateful to him and his staff. Don't get a big head or anything, but you truly are God's gift to women. :) 

Michelle R. 
Our first son was conceived in 2006 using IUI and after several surgeries to remove polyps, cysts, scar tissue, and eventually an ovary. Earlier this year, while preparing to begin the regimen of shots again, we conceived our second son, born just last month. I have no doubt that this "natural" conception was due in large part to the procedures that came before our first, as well as the yoga for fertility sessions I attended in the prior months. We are truly blessed to have found Dr. Chin and his wonderful staff.

Stacy C. 
I have one Chin baby. My son Jared was born on May 6, 2001. He is a healthy 8 year old, third grader now. My husband and I had tried to have a baby for about three years when I started seeing Dr Chin. I have PCOS and without Dr Chin's help most likely would never have gotten pregnant. As far as my husband and I are concerned, Dr Chin is an Angel. He blessed us with our beautiful son. Even though it has been 8 years since Dr Chin helped us I continue to give out Dr Chin's name to anyone I talk to who is having fertility problems. I can't say thank you enough to Dr Chin and his staff and my husband and I are eternally grateful to all of you. Have a happy holiday.

Kristy K.
I have PCOS and my husband and I were unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for four years; so when I first went to see Dr. Chin, having children seemed to be a dream that would not become a reality for me. It was October of 2005, and I asked Dr. Chin if he thought I would be able to conceive by the following October. He told me that if I was willing to lose weight, it was very likely. I dropped the weight by May of 2006, and on my next birthday (July 7th) I received the best birthday gift ever - Dr. Chin called me at work to tell me I was pregnant! Well, it's almost three years later and Todd and I couldn't imagine our lives without beautiful TWINS Owen and Grace. We are forever grateful to Dr. Chin, Sandy, Grace, and the rest of the staff.

Amy G. 
We had the diagnosis of "unknown" fertility for several years. After seeing other doctors with no success our destiny brought us to Dr. Chin for a fresh start with low tech methods. I was "advanced maternal age" and discovered a problem with my thyroid levels in a physical work up. (This issue was missed before.) I met with Dr. Chin and the plan was healthly eating, exercise (yoga), etc. to get the body where it needed to be before treatment. It is important to share that Dr. Chin's HSG is extremely gentle. I had a bad HSG experience before. In preparing for fertility treatment, I did acupuncture for 3 months and also I started to "slow down" at work. (Got my Chi back!) After back to back IUIs in the first cycle and a new combination of drugs, we were pregnant. I was in total disbelief that it actually worked! The first scan relieved possibly twins. Due to the size, we were worried that it would be invisible twin syndrome but that little baby showed us. We were blessed fraternal twin girls. Nothing is more incredible than seeing those little hearts beat for the first time. Dr. Chin, Sandy and Grace helped make our dream of a family a reality. 

Edwige S,
I have a beautiful Chin baby! His name is Alex, he will be nine months on friday and is just a wonderful ray of sunshine. Thank you Dr Chin and your fantastic team for our little treasure 

Beth W. 
We have three Chin Babies!!! Our son Noah was born in Aug. 2006. We started trying again just before his first birthday. We had a bit more trouble this time around. After four cycles of clomid, we moved on to having an exp lap and then on to injectable drugs. We conceived after the first round of injectable drugs, but then sadly miscarried at 11 1/2 weeks. Our next attempt with the injectable drugs worked!!!! We were blessed this time with TWINS!!!! A beautiful girl Rachel and her handsome brother Jacob were born this past April. We are so very thankful for Dr. Chin and his staff for their help in creating our very beautiful and very COMPLETE family. We are so blessed to have these three gifts. Thank you Dr. Chin.

Ann Marie C. 
We have 2 Chin babies, Liam 4 and Alec 13 months. It's hard to imagine life without our beautiful gifts, and we are eternally grateful for Dr. Chin and his AMAZING staff fo rhelping to make it happen! 

Tiffany L. 
Hey Dr. Chin and staff! Happy New Year! I will classify Tobey as half a Chin baby! If not for Dr. Chin and OSU Perinatal Consultants, Tobey, would not be here. Thank you! Tobey will be five at the end of January and he is the light of the universe! He played soccer this fall, I coached the team. He is in Pre-K and he is reading some. One of our biggest things, this fall, is his favorite story is, Where the Wild Things Are" and he has memorized the story! He also acts out the parts as he tells the story from memory. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!! Everyday in my life is like a New Year because of the joy we share in our family!

Amber M. 
We had a soon in 2006 and after 3 years of trying for another(and 2 m/c) we were referred to Dr.Chin. He found that I had pcos and mthfr. I had surgery and got pregnant on the second iui(1st after suregery). I am currently going through a m/c but Dr.Chin seems hopefull that we can get pregnant and stay that way the next cyle....
Hoping 2010 is our year!

Tina B. 
We have one Chin baby who just turned 4 on Dec. 7, a day that WILL live in infamy! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Chin, Sandy, Grace, and the entire staff. We had been trying, unsuccessfully, for 2 years when we met Dr. Chin. Our initial consult was on our 10th wedding anniversary and after several IUI's, a lap, and finally injectables, we found out we were pregnant! I don't think my husband and I could have survived the journey of infertility without Dr. Chin and his staff! There are no words for the special role you played in our lives...we will never be the same for meeting you. I think and pray for you all often. There have been several women that I teach with who have been patients, and we joke about how many women Dr. Chin has gotten pregnant at our school! Way to go!
Btw, we decided that our second child would not be a Chin baby(as much as I wanted to come back and see you all...I just couldn't take another shot!), but an Ethiopian princess. We've been home with our beautiful baby girl for a year this month. It truly takes several villages for us to have a family!

Mia L. 
I have one Chin baby! His name is Jonathan and he is 7 months. Dr. Chin found that I had advanced stage 3 endometriosis (never had a single symptom) and I got pregnant on the first IUI after surgery. It's hard to imagine life without our beautiful son, and we are eternally grateful for Dr. Chin, Sandy and Grace for helping to make it happen!

Tari C. 
We have Chin Twins! :) After trying clomid an exhausting amount of times then told nothing but IVF would help me conceive, we wanted to get a second opinion. My family doctor recommended Dr. Chin and after the initial consult, we felt completely comfortable with him and felt he was very sincere. We tried another round of clomid with no luck (I have PCOS) so he recommended the injections. We did 3 rounds and after the third one - miracle(s)!! Our girls are now 20-mo's old and I feel so lucky to have had Dr. Chin taking care of me and helping me with this most wonderful gift. :)

Jonathan P. 
My twin nieces and their older brother are ALL Chin babies!!!

Gwen W. 
Two chin baby's after several attempts with clomid from my reg. OB We then came to see Dr. Chin after only a few try's I had my first daughter Delilah on Nov.27,07 and then got pregnant the second time with out using any drugs I guess my body just needed some help that first time around.But I was under his care even with our second daughter Harmony born aug.25,09..
Dr. Chin You are just AWSOME at what you do ...
The Whitescarver Family

Kandice D. 
We have one chinbaby!!!! Our daughter Mia was born on June 1, 2004. After many years of trying to get pregnant on our own, we made an appointment with Dr. Chin. He renewed our hope and faith that becoming pregnant and having a child together was possible!! We went through many tests and procedure's. Finally after several years we got pregnant !!! Today Mia is a healthy and very happy 5 year old! We are so blessed to have had Dr. Chin in our life and to help fulfill our dream. Thank you Dr. Chin and your staff for this amazing gift we call Mia!!!!!!!!!!
Kandice Dooley and family

Holly P. 
Our son was conceived through the help of Dr. Chin and his staff. John-Ethan is now almost two years old and not a day goes by that I don't say a prayer of thanks to God and this wonderful clinic that gave us the most amazing gift in the world. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Chin and his staff.

Emily W. 
We have one Chin-baby. We met Dr. Chin in 2001 after trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for almost 4 years. I was told by a doctor in 1997 that unless I was pregnant in 2 years, I would never be able to conceive a child. We told that doctor that he was not God and that as long as I had everything I needed to have a child, it was in God's hands, not his. We immediately found another doctor who we saw for the following 3 1/2 years. After exhausting all of his options and resources, he recommended Dr. Chin who told us "I am not God, just a doctor doing God's work." That was when I knew Dr. Chin was the doctor for us! Dr. Chin also saved one of my ovaries which was covered with a tennis ball sized cyst. Any other doctor would have removed the ovary, but not Dr. Chin. He always had our fertility in mind and a little over a year after the cyst was removed, we conceived! Our Chin-baby, who will be 6 in March, is the light of our life and the joy of our hearts. Thank you, Dr. Chin and staff, for everything you do. You are true miracle workers!!! :)

Diana F. 
We have one Chin baby! After multiple miscarriages our OB recommended we see Dr. Chin. Dr. Chin ordered what seemed like a massive amount of blood to be drawn for several tests and found that I had a condition called MTHFR. We concieved again pretty quickly and Dr. Chin started me on his MTHFR capsule, baby aspirin and lovenox. Our son Chase was born in November 2009. I can't picture my life without him now...Thank you Dr. Chin for everything you've done for us and other families!

Timothy & Angela W. 
We have one chin baby! Her name is Abby. She is 4 1/2 now. We are also currently trying again with Dr. Chin. He is so amazing and the staff is absolutely wonderful. THhs miracle could of never happened if it wasn't for him. We are hoping for a miracle #2.

Steph, Norm, Micah and Sarah B.
Dearest Dr. Chin, Happy New Year! We just got home and heard your voice on our answering machine...I have goosebumps! We love you so much! What a pleasure to hear your voice again.You are always in our prayers! Can you believe it has been 16 years and 10 months (3/1/1993) since our son was born...with only the help of YOU!!!! And then again 2 years and 3 days later our daughter was born (3/4/1995 in New Hampshire)...again because of YOU! We are so blessed and thankful every minute of the day, month and year! Both kids are honors students...both play high school soccer and both ski and love life and have many friends. Both kids are happy and thriving!
All I'd like to say is we could never have been as happy in life if you had not provided us with children...may God bless you every single waking minute of your life! We adore you!

Jon & Katie C.
Dear Dr. Chin, Thank you and your staff a million times over for making our dream come true! Good things really do come to those who wait... we had a baby girl on May 1, and she is everything we hoped for and more! Thank you so much!

Jim & Tina G.
Dr. Chin & Staff, I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. It's been a few months since we found out we were expecting. Ok, several months since we are 9 days from being induced with our twin girls. We are so excited and we thank you for all your support and help along the way. I'm sure we will see you at the reunions sometime and will have to bring them by the office as well. Thank you again. I cant believe I'm finally going to be a mommy and Jim a daddy. Our precious little miracles and I will never forget all of you and your empathetic natures along the way to get to the point we are today and about to celebrate the birth of our little girls!

Jeff, Betsy & Easton C. 
Dr. Chin & Staff, we wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us achieve our little miracle. We couldnt be happier! Easton Lang was born May 23 weighing 6lbs 13oz and 20 inches long. We appreciate your kind care along this journey.

Monica, Rick, & Rob
Dr. Chin & Staff, Thanks for helping us achieve our dream. Not once while coming to your office did I feel as though I was just a patient. Your office and staff made me feel special and that anything was possible.

Greg, Angela, & Josh M.
Dr. Chin & Staff, Hope all is well and that you are staying cool this summer. We wanted to share our latest picture of Josh with you. He is 3 months old and doing great. He is a big boy weighing in at 16lbs last doctors visit!! Yep, we might have a line-backer in our future!! Thank you again for bringing this wonderful joy to us!

Lindsay C.
Dr. Chin, Thank you so much for helping me feel (way) better! I can't explain how horrible the pain was that I had been experiencing for years, but no more!! I feel so blessed to have met you, you are a terrific doctor and all around an amazing person in my life. Thank you!

Josh & Heather M.
Dr Chin, we just wanted to show our appreciation for all you have done so far. We have been praying for a long time concerning the direction we should go in our endeavors to have a child and are confident that God has lead us to the right place. It is so evident that you truly care about your patients and that means so much. I can't thank you enough for calling to check on me after my surgery or tell you how much it meant to us both. We truly believe that God will bless us with a child with your help and we praise him for that. He has called you into a great work and we are just greatful that you will be a part of our testimony for God. May he bless & keep you always.

Josh, Tonia, & Shelby T.
Dr. Chin, we just wanted to thank you for everything. We are so thankful God brought us to you so many years ago. You watched over Shelby and now our baby #2. You truly are an amazing doctor. You are loving and caring and, unfortunately, you dont see that from many doctors. Thank you again! God bless!

Charlie & Amanda G.
3 Days shy of exactly 1 year to the day of my tubal reversal - we welcome Brody Paul G. into the world! 7 lbs 5 oz 20 1/4 inches long. He is perfect and if it wasnt for you Dr. Chin, we wouldn't be as happy as we are now! Thank you for everything! You have helped make our family complete! You are an amazing doctor! Thank you so much!!!

Daylin, Joelle, & Edward D.
Hi Dr. Chin! Can you believe it? I'm turning 2 years old on May 19!!! I want to thank you for taking such great care of my mommy, so I could be here! My mommy and daddy love me so much, and they tell me they had the help of several "angels" to get me here! Thank you for helping us become a family!!

Michelle & Michael K.
Dear Dr. Chin & Staff, I thank God everyday that you found out what the cause of my infertility was caused from. Michael & I never thought any of the IUI's would work. However, with lots of luck, many many prayers from people we don't even know, and from you and your staff - we finally had success! We also thank you for having a second consultation with us, when we didn't know which way to turn regarding fostering, adopting, or another round of IUI with injectables. We can't wait to share our bundle of joy with you and most of all, thank you for our tiny miracle!

Sara P.
Dr. Chin, Where do I even begin? I will always remember sitting in your office at our first visit. I won't remember it because I couldn't believe I was 25 years old seeking infertility help but you provided the "coming to Jesus moment" I needed to have for a very long time. For the past 10 years my weight and body have been my source of control and I thought that the way I ate and worked out was the best for my body. However, it took coming to your office and hearing "Do you want to have a baby" to finally get that what I was doing was anything but healthy (that's why I almost cried during that first visit). I can't thank you enough for your honesty, "abuse", knowledge, and helping make my dream come true of becoming a mommy. I truly believe God put you in our life to go on this journey with us. You are doing amazing things at your practice. You and your staff are beyond helpful, kind, and supportive. I have never felt so comfortable in a doctor's office before now. I wish that this wasn't the end of our journey and that you could continue with the care of my baby and I. However, I understand why the journey ends for you so you can get rid of crazies like me. Please use me as a reference whenever needed, especially if you get another crazy. Thank you again and I would love to bring Baby Porter in after he or she makes their grand entrance.
God Bless.
*I had an appointment on the 10th. Baby looks great and almost doubled in size in 2 weeks. Dr. Fackler said the baby is already measuring big, but looks like you called that one! =)

Wayne & Heather T.
Dr. Chin & Staff:
I just wanted to take a few minutes to say "thank you" for helping our dreams of becoming parents come true! Little Knox is almost 12 weeks old and such a happy baby. After having a failed IVF at another facility, I  never thought we would be successful in our fertility struggle. But YOU were the answer!!! The love and care we received from you and your staff was second to none. You are now considered family and we can never thank you enough!! :) If we can do anything to help spread the word of our sucess, please let us know. We cant wait to start the process of baby #2 in the next year or so. Dr Chin, you are AMAZING!! :) (*and Sandy - since this is your baby he-he:) )
Love and Hugs,
Wayne, Heather, and Knox T.
Knox Lee T.
6/30/13 7lbs 8oz 20 inches long

​The Donovan's
Dear Dr Chin, Sandy, & Grace
Thank you from the bottom of our (now complete) hearts for helping us fulfill our dreams of being parents! The pregnancy was amazing, another dream come true for me & of course now enjoying not 1, not 2, but 3 amazing miracles every day helps melt away the years of heartache and make it all worth while. Your compassionate, encouraging care is one-of-a-kind, we felt more like family than just patients, making us quickly realize even if you didn't help us conceive, we would still recommend you as the best doctor (and staff) in town!
Thank you for your patience & expertise, knowing it was "just a matter of time" - it kept us going in those harder times.
Forever thankful & God Bless you ass
The Donovan's
PS - Eva is now 18lbs! Campbell is now 14lbs! Fletcher (born 2.15lbs) is now 17lbs!

Todd, Tiffani, and Lilian M.
Dr. Chin & Staff,
Words are not enough to express our gratitude for allowing us to become parents! You and your staff will hold a special place in our heart forever. Thanks again for such a special gift.
Todd, Tiffani, Lilian M.

Dear Dr. Chin.
Let me just say that words can't really express my gratitude toward you for all you have done for me these past couple weeks! I have to say that you and your staff have given me faith in our health care system again! You can't teach people to care. You have gone above and beyond to help me and to get me treated! Thank you for caring enough to listen, to do the ultrasound, and my surgery! I would still be waiting if not for you!! Thank you for not getting caught up in the "process". You saw what needed to be done to get to the problem and you made it happen! Your caring professionalism, kindness, phone calls, and sense of humor have gotten me through this ordeal! I appreciate your skills as the BEST DOCTOR EVER and your friendship, and I will recommend you forever! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!

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