Dr. Chin is proud to announce that we have yet another way to make your job easier! With the LabCorp Beacon: Patient portal, patients are able to view, download, and print their own lab results- ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! This site will also help you find a LabCorp in your area and schedule and appointment; receive lab test results as easily as checking email*; share your lab test results securely and privately; pay your LabCorp bill online easily and securely; manage health information for the entire family and much more! The best part about the LapCorp Beacon: Patient... IT'S FREE! 
Sign up today by downloading the Lapcorp Beacon: Patient brochure HERE then visiting: http://patient.labcorp.com
Now Introducing LabCorp Beacon: Patient
Getting your lab test results just got easier.
*LabCorp will provide the test results to your doctor before releasing them to your LabCorp Beacon: Patient account. 
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